Frequently Asked Questions

Ecomomy: StarTrol LED examination lights are competitively priced and will save you money. Solid state energy efficient LED technology requires minimal energy to operate. Never replace a costly and hot halogen bulb again. Our long lasting precision engineered design is made for decades of use.

Cool - Nearly ZERO Radiation: StarTrol's high intensity LED lights convert their energy into light, not heat, and generate essentially ZERO infrared or ultraviolet light.

Efficient: StarTrol lights use less than one third the power of traditional halogen lights.
Optimal Color Temperature: StarTrol LED lights produces a bright white light (94CRI and 4700K) ideal for true color rendition.

Ideal Light Positioning: All StarTrol lights are infinitely adjustable and thus provide the user with optimal light access regardless of position

Machined Aluminum Housing: StarTrol lights are precision engineered to be the best. That is why all StarTrol light heads are made from machined aluminum and not cheap plastic.

Industry leading 10 year warranty.

Made in the USA: Every StarTrol product is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

LED lights use a fraction of the energy used by traditional medical lighting. The advantages go well beyond energy efficiency as LEDs actually enhance the functionality of medical lighting. Halogen lighting is the most prevalent lighting type seen in medical applications. This is due primarily to its relatively high efficacy, light output and color rendering abilities. Good color rendering is critical in many medical procedures as it aids in correctly identifying and differentiating between tissues. LEDs can be designed to provide superior color rendering abilities that rival those of halogen lights.

Excess heat generated by halogen lamps creates discomfort for doctors performing surgical procedures as lamps are often located close to the doctors' heads. LEDs do not produce excess heat, effectively solving the doctor discomfort issue due to heat. LEDs are also easier to focus than halogen lamps. LED surgical lights, for instance, are able to direct light and eliminate shadows more easily than halogen lights

The dimming process is less complex for LED lights. This is because the light output of an LED is proportional to the electrical current that it is supplied. To dim an LED, simply lower it's current. This makes dimming capabilities for LEDs less expensive and more flexible than for other lighting technologies. (Note: The StarTrol LED light cannot be hooked up to a dimmer switch.)

Perhaps the greatest advantage of LEDs over halogen and other traditional lighting technologies is lifetime. LEDs are often rated up to 50,000 hours of useful life, and never less than 10,000 hours. Compare this to the 1,000 – 4,000 hour life of a halogen lamp. The costs of lamp replacement and maintenance are considerably higher for halogen lighting. Halogen bulbs in particular must be treated with delicacy, as their quartz housing can be significantly damaged by oils in the skin. Often, a technician trained in the repair of medical equipment is needed to perform this routine maintenance, even for relatively simple tasks such as changing a light bulb.

These advantages are made more appealing by the fact that LED medical lighting is typically not a great deal more expensive than traditional alternatives.

Pivot height is the measurement from the floor to our ceiling light pivot point while the light is in a horizontal position. Typically 78-80 inches.

StarTrol lights are built in the USA, and are built to last. We will repair or replace the product, at no charge or refund the then-current value of the product. To register your lights, and see more details on our industry-leading 10 year warranty, view our warranty page